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DRM Converter and DRM Removal software
Main features Remove DRM. DRM Removal. DRM Covnerter. Convert WMA to MP3
DRM Converter and DRM Removal software
DRM Converter and DRM Removal software


Audiobooks converter
Convert audiobooks, unprotect audiobooks

Convert protected audio and videobooks to unprotected MP3, WMA, AAC (iTunes, iPod native format). Unprotect audiobooks and copy to iPod directly from Drm-Removal

  • Audiobook - is an aloud book reading. Voice is recorded and converted to digital audio. Most popular usage of audiobooks is self education sphere.

Why convert audiobooks?
Many audiobooks has different formats. Many of audiobooks has restricted usage (DRM protection). A lot of audiobooks cannot be always with you, when you need them. Convert any of your audiobook with Drm-Removal. This drm removal software from audiobook can easy convert drm protected audiobooks as well as not protected. Copy your iTunes audiobooks to MP3 or convert any of your audio (Drm-Removal converts any audio, that is playable on your PC) and copy directly to iPod.

To convert and unprotect audiobooks - Drm-Removal is simple to install, easy to use and fast to convert. After you install Drm-Removal, just drop protected or unprotected audiobook to Drm-Removal application window and conversion (unprotecting) will start immediately. The conversion speed will be as fast as your PC can do. (In batch mode and using Drm-Removal Unlimited Edition, to unprotect and convert audiobooks.)

During conversion, drm removal software (Drm-Removal) preserve original quality and metatags (author, name etc). Depending on your needs you may choose one of three encoding formats: WMA, MP3, AAC (iTunes, iPod native encoder). This can be done in settings dialog of audiobooks drm removal software.
If your audiobooks has suitable format, but has drm protection - so you cannot listen to it anywhere outside your PC - just convert it with "audiobooks drm removal software" - Drm-Removal. Output files will not have drm protection any more. Unprotect audiobooks with Drm-Removal. Unprotecting audiobooks is easy, fast and secure.

Use your audiobooks anywhere with any of yours audio players with Drm-Removal software.

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Audiobooks converter

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Drm-Removal - Convert audiobooks, unprotect audiobooks.

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DRM Converter and DRM Removal software. DRM Removal. DRM Converter. Remove DRM.

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Drm-Removal. Easy to use. Simple to install. Fast to convert.
We hope, you will enjoy our software. It is our goal.

We honor the copyrights protection.
Exchange, selling or recording the copy-protected content is prohibited by the international law.

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