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DRM Converter and DRM Removal software
Main features Remove DRM. DRM Removal. DRM Covnerter. Convert WMA to MP3
DRM Converter and DRM Removal software
DRM Converter and DRM Removal software


Audio & Video Converter for Windows 7
Windows 7 (x32,x64) Converter Audio & Video

Windows 7 x32 /x64 / x86 media converter.

  • The most of conversion software was developed for Windows XP systems because media format conversion became in demand at the same time as Windows XP was released. Then Windows Vista became popular and it forced software developers to create the conversion programs versions copmatible with Windows Vista System.
  • Windows 7 was published in 2009. The operating system was developed to be more user-friendly and focused on speed than it's predecessors. Windows 7 has a lot of absolutely new features, some old Windows features were improved, and some of them are no longer present.
    There are different Windows 7 editions are available in most countries - the Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. Every Windows 7 edition includes all of the features and capabilities the edition below it. All editions support the 32-bit processors. Professional and Ultimate editions support the 64-bit processors.
  • The most of the third-parties software appears to be not compatible with Windows 7 editions. Developers are working to update their products to be compatible with Windows 7, due to the Windows 7 popularity increasing.

Drm-Removal is up-to-date conversion software that works with Windows 7 x32 and x64 editions.

Drm-Removal developers have added Windows 7 support when the Windows 7 beta release became available. If you choose one of the Windows 7 edinions, you will have no problem with switching Drm-Removal to the new system - processor architecture doesn't matter. Drm-Removal will run on the Windows 7 x32 as well as on the Windows 7 x64.
Drm-Removal is easy-to-use media converter that supports almost any audio and video files conversion. If you can play files on your PC, Drm-Removal will convert them. Drm-Removal supports protected files conversion as well as unprotected.
Drm-Removal Windows 7 x32, x64 converter allows to convert complete folder or separate songs structures and recreates these structures on output. You can select any compression level and output file format.
Drm-Removal is tool not only for conversion. YouTube ripper, CD ripper and CD burner plug-ins are available.
The conversion is super fast, the playback speed ix up to 20x. Converted files have HIFI and CD quality. ID3 tags for artist, album, title names etc are preserved.

Drm-Removal Windows 7 x32, x64 converter is very easy to use and install. The free trial is available - you can download it right now and try!

How to convert?

It's really easy. Just open Drm-Removal, click "Select files" and conversion will be started automatically. You can also use drag'n'drop to select files you want to convert.
To set desired Output format, compression level or Output folder, go to the "Settings" menu. You can choose from such audio output formats: WAV, MP3, M4A, WMA, and such video output formats: DivX, MPEG4, WMV, AAC-MPEG4.
Then you can transfer converted files to any device. If you need to transfer them to iPod, click "Copy to iPod" button on the Drm-Removal main toolbar. To transfer them to other device, copy the Ouput folder using Windows Explorer.

Drm-Removal is the best converter you can launch on Windows 7 x32, x64.

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Drm-Removal is media converter for Windows 7

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Drm-Removal - conversion software for Windows (x32, x64)

Download and try it for free!

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DRM Converter and DRM Removal software. DRM Removal. DRM Converter. Remove DRM.

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Drm-Removal. Easy to use. Simple to install. Fast to convert.
We hope, you will enjoy our software. It is our goal.

We honor the copyrights protection.
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